Tutorial (for Mac)

This is a fairly simple tutorial on using Minecrafter done in Mac. Although done in Mac, the same process can be applied in the Windows and Linux versions and they will work exactly the same.

Note: This version is based on 1.1.2, which has now been succeeded by a new version.


You will need the following mods:

What you will achieve

  • Create your first mod package
  • Learn about mod priority
  • Resolve graphical conflicts by using the block selector
  • Launch your first mod package
  • Be surprised at the simplicity of it all πŸ˜›

Creating the mod package

Firstly, load up Minecrafter and you’ll get the main form:

Since we are bundling multiple mods to work together, we need to create a mod package. So go ahead and press the “New mod package” button. A form should popup.

Give the mod package a name. This will be the name that appears in the combo box in the main form. Now that we’ve named it, we’ll need to add the mods. Click the add mod button (the green + ) and select “Add File…” and select each mod to add. Get the mods in the displayed order by selecting each mod and using the arrow buttons.

Mod priority is important. The higher up the mod is, the higher the priority. This means if there are files with the same name in two or more mods, then the mod with the highest priority will replace that of the lower priority.

That would normally be the end of it, but the arrows mod requires us to do a bit more tinkering before we can play.

Resolving conflicts

The arrow mod comes with it’s own items.png, which unfortunately conflicts with our texture pack. Rather than suck it up, we will use the power of the blocks selector to select the arrows from the arrows mod and place it into the texture pack.

When we select the arrows mod, not only do we see our texture mod replacing items.png, but items.png has some special graphics. Select gui/items.png and the blocks button will be enabled. Click the button and the block selector form will pop up.

As you can see, we’ve selected the blocks we want to keep. To do so, just double click on each block, and it will be highlighted by a green cross block. Once you’ve selected the four arrow blocks, press save and we’re done!

The curious can go check the texture pack’s items.png and see that the selected blocks are now red, meaning that they have been allocated by another mod.

Although we can’t see it now, but the arrows will be placed in the selected blocks. Don’t believe me? Press “View Final Image” and see for yourself!

Save, Launch and Play!

We’re pretty much done here. All we need to do is save our new mod package, and load it up. Close the block selector form and press the save button. You can specify a file name, but leave it as default. Make sure that the mod package is being saved in the mod packages folder. Generally the save dialog will default here, but in some circumstances it won’t, so double check just in case.

Press save and thats the mod package complete.

Close the mod package editor and select your mod package from the combo box.

Press “Launch Minecraft” and now Minecrafter will rebuild minecraft.jar with the mod configuration. Load up your world and have lots of fun! God I love those exploding arrows πŸ˜€

77 Responses to Tutorial (for Mac)

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  2. SaladEyes says:

    Thank you so much for this! Brilliant app, great tutorial.
    I wish mac support was this consistent in all minecraft related things…

  3. matthew says:

    What do you do before this. i download the files files, put them to my desktop then when i try to click on them they are un-highlighted and i cant click on them.

    • matthew says:

      SO SORRY. i just looked at the name of my minecrafter and noticed i havent updated. i think it working now hopefully. sorry again

      • matthew says:

        me again :(. everything has worked up till i try to launch minecraft the mod package is shaded in and a cant click it. ill keep trying. i feel really bad for all these posts so once i find out how it works i will never speak to you again πŸ™‚

  4. matthew says:

    atleast im getting closer to it working :). ive got it working so i can click the mod pack i made but now i get a black screen when i press launch minecraft. sorry again

  5. matthew says:

    i got it fully working πŸ™‚ i checked on the forum and all you need to do is turn hd fix off. i have got texture mods woking but not mods that change the game somehow.

  6. Quintuplin12 says:

    I’ve got a glitch. Setting up the mods work fine, but when I try to press “Launch Minecraft”, its says “Could no apply HD fix to JAR”

    What do I do to fix this?

  7. comix_13 says:

    Hi there, just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for this great app, can’t find many Minecraft-modding programs for Mac. So anyway, I tried applying the Doku RPG texture and also the Elemental Arrows mod. When I saved the package and launched Minecraft the screen was just red and blue-ish, as if it was all in 3D. Please help me… thanks in advance, bye!

  8. comix_13 says:

    i set up my mod package the way you set up here but I used the elemental arrows and doku’s rpg texture…

  9. comix_13 says:

    yes i did

  10. Minecraft3D says:

    When I press launch minecraft it pops up, lets me log in, then goes to a black screen right away. How do I fix? I want this mod stuff to work bad 😦

    • prelithe says:

      Sorry for the late reply, your comment was marked as spam. If you get a black screen, either you mod is not compatible with the Minecraft version you are using, or you are using an older version of Minecrafter/mod/Minecraft. Make sure everything is up to date and try again.

  11. Marquis says:

    Thanks for the great app.

    I followed your tutorial and when I added the arrows rar it gave me this message. Is there a workaround?

    “At least one of the .class files in this package has been compiled with a JRE > 1.5. Because you are running Mac OS X 10.5, this mod may not work and will cause a black screen when launching Minecraft.”

    • prelithe says:

      Sorry, no workaround. Only thing you can do is annoy the mod author to compile on Java 1.5. Blame Apple for not building JRE 1.6 for OS X 10.5.

      Or, you can upgrade to Snow Leopard.

      • Marquis says:

        Is it bad that exploding arrows might be the thing that tips me over the edge to upgrade. Thanks for the help.

  12. Dash says:

    This looks great but I can’t get it to work…

    I can open the loader, and edit the mods fine, but when I try to run minecraft, it shows a black screen of not working, after I log in.

    I’m using the mac 1.1.6 64 bit version, on the latest minecraft if that makes a diffrence. I’ve tried it with various mods, with and without modloader, with and without HD fixing, with and without deleteing META files and I still can’t get it to work.

    P.S. I did try making a mod package without any additional mods (just minecraft.jar) and without HD fixing, and that worked fine… but once you add a mod it stops, before you see the mojang logo.

    If you can help me out it would be great… I really want to get this great program working!

    Thanks – Dash

  13. Dash says:

    http://www.megaupload.com/?d=Y6J4FG52 – This is my package with the mod loader and the elemental arrows.

  14. Dash says:

    well the HD patcher was off to begin with, but I tried changing it to a zip and that worked for the mod loader. However, I still can’t get any other mods to work with it… when the package is just the minecraft.jar and modloader it works fine, but as soon as I add a mod like the arrows, in rar or in zip, it goes to a black screen

  15. Kcable says:

    as soon as i hit new it crashes 😦

  16. MrBackpack says:

    Is there anyway to run this program on OSX 10.5.8?

  17. Alex says:

    Hey! So i can get the program to run, compile and execute, but the black screen comes up. The main issue is that pops up is when loading the programs (IE: arrows.rar) it states that some of the .class files were compiled with JRE > 1.5 and i am running on Mac 10.5. What do I do to fix this?

  18. Ran Scot says:

    So I loaded this up, but none of the mods are actually there when I launcha nd play minecraft.

    Any suggestions?

  19. Mike says:

    I Keep Getting The Black Screen D:
    I’ve visited this page countless times and have tried every problem fix.
    I cant even open minecraft now! D:

  20. Josh says:

    Everything works great until I try to save, then it says there was an error saving. Any ideas?

  21. Help! says:

    I would like to use mods so much, but when trying to put modloader.rar into minecrafter, the error message pops up saying that I need to repackage the file? How do I do this on a Mac?

  22. Help! says:

    IT WORKED!!! Thank you so much!

    I will have fun lighting cows on fire…

  23. George says:

    I am using the latest everything, latest mod (Ultimate fist v3.2) and Risugami’s Mod Loader (1.1) which is needed for ultimate fist, i followed the tutorial exactly, but i get the black screen, i have the new Alpha that came out, and i am running Mac 10.6.6

    PLEASE help 😦

  24. this doesnt work. thanks for the waste of time. tried installing minions mod and all the bullshit it needs to work and needless to say this so called easy method doesn’t work for shit

  25. Ben says:

    when i add the mods, it says that “the mods were compiled with JRE> 1.5 and is not compatible with mac osx 10.5 so the mods may not work and will start minecraft with a black scren” what does that mean?

  26. david doluca says:

    ok so i did everything correct but when i launch mine craft nothing changed at all, do i need mod loader?

  27. 9tail4u says:

    Hey! When i go to Launch minecraft it only go’s until Compiling mod package. How can I get further????

  28. leo says:

    I am having problems with using the mods, everything is working fine, installing the mods and so on, but the mods dont work inthe game. i noticed that i dont have the Libary/application support/ … folders, could this be the reason for the problem? also i am using OSX Lion
    i would be really glad if you could help me!
    thank you leo

  29. I’m not that much of a internwt reader to be honest but your blots really nice,
    keep it up! I’ll go ahead annd bookmark your website to come back
    down the road. Cheers

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