Pressing Launch doesn’t do anything

If you’ve launched a mod package using the temporary launch method and Minecraft doesn’t seem to load, then you’ve selected the wrong Minecraft Launcher.

On the first time launching, you will be prompted to find the Minecraft launcher/application. This is NOT minecraft.jar. This only applies to Linux users, who don’t have an exe or app to launch Minecraft. Point to your minecraft.exe or minecraft app.

If you’ve already selected the wrong file, subsequent launches will not prompt you to point to the Minecraft application. To fix this, go to the options tab, and uncheck “Remember Minecraft Launcher path”. Click the main tab. Then repeat that step again (i.e. to check that checkbox). Now, launching Minecraft will now prompt you again.

4 Responses to Pressing Launch doesn’t do anything

  1. RapMastaT says:

    I pointed minecrafter to my minecraft.exe file on my desktop and when i click Launch – Temporary, minecraft doesnt open!?!? HELP!

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