ModLoader incompatibility with HD Patcher

Update: It is actually the malfunctioning RAR library which is causing the issues. Unfortunately the library I’m using (seemingly the only one available out there) doesn’t have any file checking methods so I’ll need to code up a makeshift method.

Quite an alarming amount of “An exception occured when compiling Mod Package to JAR” queries have come in the past few days. It seems the culprit is ModLoader v1.2.6v2 in conjunction with the HD Fix. There is a problem parsing ModLoader.class via the HD Patcher, thus causing the exception.

There are 2 workarounds:

  • Repackage ModLoader RAR as a ZIP. (Thanks to RelicShadow for this)

The second workaround is something I don’t understand quite how it works, but it works nonetheless. I’ll be releasing a new version to hopefully suppress this error from happening.


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