With the crackdown on Megaupload, a ton of filesharing hosts have taken down their sites or have prevented downloads. I’ve reuploaded my files to Mediafire, which seems to be reliable.

Mediafire folder:

Note, that the source code seems to be of an older version (1.2.0).

6 Responses to Reuploaded

  1. Steven says:

    You could use Dropbox. That won’t be going anywhere any time soon. Although Mediafire is definitely a good choice.

  2. Mc Advensures says:

    cool sorry i found the link

  3. River says:

    For some reason I’m not able to open Minecrafter. I’m running Minecraft 1.2.4 on a Mac. Minecraft says I’m using 32bit, so I downloaded the 32bit Minecrafter for mac and. . . nothing. It doesn’t seem to want to open.

    Am I doing something wrong?

  4. CodyCodyCodyCodyCody says:

    Why is it not working for minecraft 1.2.4? i think it needs to be updated..

  5. PolishCreepeR says:

    The first time i use this like yesterday it worked fine i had the mods thn i clicked the close button and the next day it wont work it doesn’t let me do anything did i do something wrong because when it didnt work i redownload it and still nothing

  6. Kcin says:


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