1.2.4 released with 1.2.0_01 support

A hurried release, but should be a working one. It includes a few fixes, and I’m hoping I didn’t break anything.


  • Updated MCPatcher to 1.1.1 supporting Minecraft 1.2.0_01
  • Better handling of corrupt mod packages created by versions older than 1.2.2, but you won’t be able to delete them if you try to edit them beforehand. Workaround: restart Minecrafter and delete the package.
  • Horizontal scroll on Select base folder
  • Better crash management – for veterans, this doesn’t affect you, but for new users, this should prevent you from stuffing up your Minecraft folder now if you launched multiple times without proper termination.
  • Catch all exceptions that could occur if  a zip causes an issue.

NOTE: No export package release. This feature seems to be very underutilized so I didn’t bother to update it (it also takes much longer to package up than Minecrafter itself).


32-bit or 64-bit


32-bit or 64-bit


32-bit or 64-bit


17 Responses to 1.2.4 released with 1.2.0_01 support

  1. Joel Steiner says:

    I can’t download it

  2. Daniel says:

    I still can’t download it.

  3. Mc Advensures says:

    Daniels right you cant

  4. Mc Advensures says:

    oh and joel

  5. Cheetashock says:

    its because its on megaupload (witch was taken down by the government)

  6. spencer says:

    is there an alternative download site?

  7. nathan says:

    No more MODS 😦 WHY CONGRESS, WHY?????????????///

  8. Daniel Potterton says:

    Just find a different website

  9. wht says:

    i want to download on macbook!

  10. Turd says:

    it wont download on macbook pro

  11. Avalon says:

    Maybe if you didn’t use an ad-link we’d be able to download it?

  12. thom says:

    Hello there, links aren’t available anymore 😦

  13. asdfghjk says:

    it wont open in my macbook

  14. Austin says:

    Your mac downloads are exe files there smart one

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