Some actual work done

Launch failure improvement

I’ve reworked the code so launching is a lot more foolproof. Now, if you launch Minecraft, cancel, then launch again, Minecrafter won’t stuff up your bin folder. Any existing threads waiting for Minecraft to close are interrupted and won’t try to clean up for itself, meaning it won’t ruin the current launch thread.

Flexible startup

You can now specify a custom Minecraft directory if Minecrafter can’t find Minecraft in the default location. For more advanced users, you can now specify a custom Minecrafter directory, meaning Minecrafter should be completely portable.

Those were my two major features for the next version. I’ll keep this dev version in incubation for a bit longer while I test them a bit more, and try to introduce more safeguards from a Minecraft black screen. I don’t there is anything more I can do to mitigate the black screen, but it doesn’t hurt to sit down and think of possible solutions.

5 Responses to Some actual work done

  1. Whurm says:

    Just a quick note to say thanks for this program. Makes playing Minecraft on my mac so much better.

  2. Windburn says:

    Hey Prelithe,

    Just wanted to say I absolutely love Minecrafter (and thank you so much for thinking about OSX too!).
    I haven’t heard from you over on the minecraftforums, and was wondering if you’re looking into fixing custom lava/water for Beta 1.2 recently released?

    Would be greatly appreciated, as is all your work 🙂

  3. spencer says:

    i cannot download minecrafter because your site does not give me the opportunity. when i click any download it sends me to a blank page which is supposed to be is it because the site is no longer functional or can macs not access it?

  4. in the 1st line is to just have the MS DOS window that is used to run minecraft display “run-minecraft” in the window title bar.

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