Will get to a new version soon

Although fairly stable for me, I know quite a few of you are having problems with Minecrafter. A lot of them not relating to Minecrafter itself (i.e. black screen due to incompatible mods), but still a significant amount of legitimate problems which made me think of new ways of improving stability.

Right now I’m not doing any Minecrafter development, as I’m focusing on developing a texture pack customizer. Once that’s done, I’ll focus on some key stability improvements, and try to fix common crash manager failures. While I’m here, feel free to suggest any cool features or fixes you’d like me to get to. ¬†Remember, nothing too major.

It’s hard to work when it’s so damn hot. I live in NZ and right now it’s the summer season so it really is difficult maintaining focus in puddles of sweat. I work better in the cold…

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