New “Quick Start Guide” Added

I thought I’d sit down and jot down a new quick start guide for new Minecrafter users. Unlike the tutorial, it goes over key concepts that every Minecrafter user should be aware of when using mods, explaining the reasoning for doing something, rather than a means to an end.

It goes over concepts of understanding minecraft.jar, mod archive structure, and mod priorities. Although not an advanced piece of text by any means, people who are already using Minecrafter might want to have a flick through and hopefully fill any tips or tricks you may have not have been aware of. More advanced users should read the documentation, which strives to document every feature available in Minecrafter, albeit a bit technical and crude.

I’ve also updated and added a few more FAQ entries as well if you are having some problems with mods. If you haven’t upgraded to 1.2.1, I recommend you do so, as it adds a lot more error handling so you’ll know what the problem is before you get a chance to hit the black screen of death.


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