Executable packages fully multi-platform

Just uploaded the updated version of the Minecrafter export packages, which are now working for Linux. Because Linux cannot detect capslock via the AWT toolkit, you’ll have to pass a command line argument “-o” to activate the launch options. Windows and Mac can still use Caps-lock to activate the launch options form.

Since I wasn’t very clear about what these “export packages”/”executable packages” are, let me give a run down

  • Executable packages are JARs with a mod package. Once executed, they load the mod package they contain onto the existing minecraft.jar and wait till you finish playing Minecraft before reverting the changes. This is a “temporary” Minecrafter launch process.
  • Export packages are wrapper JARs which contain the launch code, but no mod package

What’s the use of such a thing? Well, for one, modders can setup their mods as executable mod packages and distribute these JARs to their users. It provides a foolproof way for users to use mods without any knowledge of Minecraft JARs. More experienced users can use executable mod packages to distribute complex mod packages for use in adventure world saves. For example, one may create a fantasy adventure save, and use executable mod packages to set the default textures to match the theme the world was designed in. They can also bundle mods which create rules in their world, and easily allows the maker to control how an end-user should experience their game.

Here are a few things you should keep note of:

  • On the export button, you have a choice of selecting “Without HD Fix” or “With HD Fix”. Obvously no HD fix creates a smaller resulting JAR, but note that you shouldn’t use this option if your selected mod package has a texture pack greater than 16×16.
  • The settings of the executable mod package are also tied into the Minecrafter configuration file. So if you have HD fix disabled in Minecrafter, it will be disabled in the executable mod package
  • The launch options form can be shown by enabling caps lock, or by launching the JAR with the “-0” command line option in Linux
  • The resulting JAR is multi-platform. Unlike Minecrafter, the same JAR can be run on any OS (Windows, Mac or Linux).
  • Yes, the interface is somewhat ugly, I’m working on it.
  • It’s experimental, so beware of any bugs.

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