1.2.0 Released

Finally, a major release, with a few cool features.

  • Updated MCPatcher to 1.1.9_04 (Minecraft 1.2.6)
  • Added export feature for executable mod packages (experimental) – JARs which contain the Minecrafter launch mechanism which allow you to easily distribute mod packages for users to try out. It’s lightweight as well, with the wrappers weighing at 134KB without the HD fix and 340KB with the HD fix. Check the documentation for more details.
  • Added new launch types – Semi-Permanent and Permanent
  • Minecrafter will now show a message box if you are running an incompatible version rather than crashing silently (not working on Mac for some reason)
  • Base folders form now sorts folders alphabetically
  • Replaced readme button with open button – Allows you to open the file using your default file viewer or extracting the file to a specified location
  • Fixed bug where an errors in the path builder (i.e. when starting up the program) would not show up
  • Fixed bug on saving a mod package with non-zip archives crashing on close
  • Fixed bug where saving will not allow you to view mod files
  • Other minor fixes and tweaks

Executable Mod Packages

Because this is new feature, it’s not bundled with the Minecrafter package by default. There is a separate zip which must be downloaded and extracted to the Minecrafter appData folder before the export feature will work. Check the documentation for more details on the export feature.

NOTE: Not working on Linux – a fix will arrive in a few days.

Download Links


32-bit or 64-bit


32-bit or 64-bit


32-bit or 64-bit

Export Package


Documentation has been updated, but tutorials have not.


3 Responses to 1.2.0 Released

  1. JDOG says:

    Hey, it would be awesome if you could add mods that require a patcher, like simplemap+ cause whenever I do that first minecrafter says that it cannot compile to the jar.

  2. shayne says:

    not working on mac mini leopard 10.5.8 tries to launch it bounces up on my dock then goes away please help

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