Just waiting

Seeing that I’ve haven’t updated in a while, here’s a quick status update.

I’ve pretty much finished all the features. It’s actually been finished for quite a while, but just today while testing on Mac I forgot to code in the cancel button for executable mod packages. Once that’s done I just need to run through testing on Mac and Linux. Pretty much the tasks that are left to do are easy enough but fairly mundane. As I said before, I’m still waiting on the updated HD patcher before I release.

Also a note that this will probably be my last major release for Minecrafter. I will still do minor updates to incorporate the latest HD patcher and bug fixes, but features aside I’ll probably stop implementing. Reason being is that I’ll like to move on to other projects, be it Minecraft or non-Minecraft related. I’ve thought about doing a mod for Minecraft, but I haven’t had a cool enough idea to implement. Hell, I haven’t had enough Minecraft play time. I actually started working on Minecrafter only days after I tried out Minecraft. Those 2 weeks I worked on the first release I pretty much played a total of a few hours, compared to the dozens spent on the actual program. But I had fun making this program, as I do all my coding endeavors.

My next project is likely something related to Minecraft. There is a thread going on about a mod hosting site which basically provides a hub for managing mods, which is linked to a mod loader program which allows you to easily download mods and ensure compatibility with your Minecraft. Funnily enough, I had the exact same idea a few weeks ago, but the scope of the project was a smidgen too large for me to consider starting it. Now that there is two capable people who want to get this going, I might throw in my expertise. Nothing is set in stone, so we’ll see how this pans out. How I envision this project as “the way” to get mods. Not  because I’m working on it (lol), but because it will greatly simplify finding and installing mods. If executed correctly, you’ll pretty much never need to worry about fumbling with mod files ever again.

This post has gone way longer than expected, so I’ll stop here :P.


3 Responses to Just waiting

  1. r42xer says:

    Please update! I have a bug where minecrafter crashes every time I close the “edit” section of a mod package!

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