Quick overview of the new “Launch Types”

By default, Minecrafter launches mod packages via a “temporary install”, i.e. Minecrafter always keeps a copy of the original minecraft.jar, and will revert it back once you’ve finished playing Minecraft. Although in my opinion it’s the optimal way of installing mods, a lot of people wanted a permanent install, so they don’t need to load Minecrafter everytime they want to play. So I’ve came up with 2 new options of launching:


As you’d expect: A permanent mod install, with no way of reverting back. It’s up to you to maintain backups of your existing minecraft.jar


A mix between temporary and permanent. What this allows is a permanent-like install (i.e. launch from Minecrafter, and launch from the Minecraft launcher and the mod installation is still there), but launching new packages will be based on the previous state of minecraft.jar.

This might be a bit confusing for some, so I’ll explain exactly what happens. On a semi-permanent launch, Minecrafter will compile the JAR as usual, but but once that’s done, it will add the source minecraft.jar into minecraft.jar. Everything still works out as expected, but now you have  a copy of minecraft.jar inside minecraft.jar which holds the older version of minecraft.jar without the mods applied. When you select a new mod package to launch, Minecrafter will look for a nested minecraft.jar file in minecraft.jar, and if exists, it will apply the mod package to the nested minecraft.jar.

So, in the end you don’t need to launch Minecrafter everytime you want to play with a particular mod package, but you have the power to revert the changes and re-install a different mod package on top of the original minecraft.jar.


2 Responses to Quick overview of the new “Launch Types”

  1. Rz says:

    I can’t seem to access this menu in the Linux version – is it a right-click kind of thing? A secret handshake? I would love to be able to use this feature.

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