Quick update on “Executable Mod packages”

That’s the new name for mod packages that can be exported to JAR. Not a particular clever or creative name, but it’s what inside that counts, right?

After a grueling few days, I’ve finally stripped Minecrafter into a wrapper which is under 400KB, 381KB to be exact. Miles below the 1MB threshold I set a few days ago! Had to rewrite a lot of the metadata, to use the in-built Java serialization classes (ObjectOutputStream). I’m still skeptical whether the binary serialization is portable between Java versions, but we’ll see. The wrapper size is still going to grow as I add in a few more features, but I’m confident it won’t break 500KB. The wrapper contains all the launching functionality as you’d expect, HD fix, temporary install, point to Minecraft executable, but also has permanent install as well. This feature will also propagate to its big brother, so no worries about that. On top of that, it uses Swing, so its multi-platform (i.e. no OS specific wrappers). Your mod packages will be slightly larger though, as I convert all mods into ZIPs, but I think that is a decent compromise seeing that if I did include RAR/7-Zip support, the wrapper would be 5MB!

Here is an early look into the feature set of 1.2.0 (the next version, barring any minor bug releases):

  • Export mod package to self-contained JAR
  • Permanent mod package install
  • Workarounds over the major issues that I cannot find a solution for (minecrafr.jar finding issues, world loading freezing)

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