7-zip support incoming

EDIT: Mistakingly put this item as a page rather than a post – my bad.

As a request from a user, I’ve added in 7-Zip support. This is for the LZMA algorithm, and NOT for LZMA2. The downside in the 7-Zip library I’m using (which from a quick google search, the only comprehensive one) is that it’s quite large, adding in at least 1MB of bulk. This might not sound like much, but thats about one third of the current size (with the latest version weighing in at under 3MB). One upside is it also has RAR support, which allows me to replace the RAR library which was pretty much found by scouring googlecode & finding one embedded in another project.

1.1.5 won’t be released till the end of the week, so in the meantime, you can suggest any features or bug fixes you’d like in the next version.

Also, thanks to Jerry for donating 🙂

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