1.2.2 Borked Minecrafter

You’d expect me to be knee deep in Black Ops by now, but I’ve only received it a few hours ago! Yes I did pre-order, but the place I bought it from had issues with the shipment. Anyways, back on-topic, Minecrafter is as expected, not working with the 1.2.2 update. Thats not 100% true. By default, the HD fix is applied. This is what’s causing the issues. So by clicking on the options tab and unchecking “Enable HD Fix”, you will be able to load mod packages.

Note, as well as HD support broken, some mods also need to be updated too. So make sure your mods support 1.2.2, and Minecrafter should work as advertised.

In terms of my new project, Minecrafter Ingame, that’s postponed until the Minecraft Coders Pack has been updated. Note that this update has done a lot of legwork in terms of the UI, so that lets me focus on more complicated things such as the actual mod loading. I actually exaggerate when I say complicated, it’s more annoying than anything to get it working, so I’m fairly confident I can get this mod out.

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