1.1.4 out

No new features, just fixes.

  • Updated HD patcher to 1.1.8
  • Fixed AppData path issue with Windows OSes that are non-english

Download Links:


32-bit or 64-bit


32-bit or 64-bit


32-bit or 64-bit

8 Responses to 1.1.4 out

  1. dualMoon says:

    New version works….kinda. It can’t seem to apply the HD patch after I’ve patched with MrMessiah’s SimpleMap/SimpleChat/AmbientOcclusion mod. I can manually apply xau’s to the MrMMod patched minecraft without problems, but this locks me into only one texture pack size.

  2. Alex says:

    $ java -jar Minecrafter_1_1_4_mac32.app
    Invalid or corrupt jarfile Minecrafter_1_1_4_mac32.app

    • Alex says:

      Interestingly, if I change the name of the file to .jar, it gives the identical error:

      $ java -jar Minecrafter_1_1_4_mac32.jar
      Invalid or corrupt jarfile Minecrafter_1_1_4_mac32.jar

      • prelithe says:

        App Bundles are not JARs, they contain JARs. You’ll need to launch it like this:
        java -jar -XstartOnFirstThread Minecrafter_1_1_4_mac32.app/Contents/Resources/Java/Minecrafter_1_1_4.jar

        Sorry about the error above, totally forgot about this.

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