Official Texture support in Minecraft

If you haven’t heard the news, Notched tweeted that official texture support is coming tomorrow.

Funny, because it happens a day after I start real work on the project :(. Oh well, saves me time implementing the UI I guess. Not sure how it will work in practice, but I’m hoping it can be leveraged to support mods, and I will be definitely adding HD texture support, which is what this Minecraft update most likely won’t fix.

I actually thought of a clever way of loading mods while preserving the original Minecraft files, but the way I launched Minecraft actually disabled Multiplayer. I could rip out the login code from the Minecraft Launcher, but it seemed like way too much effort. I was thinking of auto-login (via the lastlogin file), but I’m not sure of the impact it will make with future updates.

Either way, I’m eagerly waiting the latest update, and hoping it simplifies my project.


3 Responses to Official Texture support in Minecraft

  1. Ash says:

    I’ve read about this mod manager and love the idea, but unfortunately – I can’t use it. I’m running non-English Windows XP and Minecrafter (MCR for short) can’t find the Minecraft folder. This is due to the fact that MCR tries to find it in the …/Application Data/…, while on my computer the folder’s name is …/Dane Aplikacji/… (in Polish). Minecraft (and any other program I’ve come across) uses that folder without a problem.
    So, without further whining – would it be possible to implement a prompt that asks you to point MCR to minecraft.jar if the program can’t find it on it’s own? Pretty please? 😉

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