Minecrafter In-game

That is the name of my next project. The name is tentative, but knowing my luck in thinking of names, it’ll probably stick, so deal with it :P.

Since the teaser didn’t really give much insight of what I’m planning to do, I thought I’ll give a little run-down on what this mod provides.

  • A mod for Minecraft – You’d install it like any class mod. Once installed, you pretty much don’t ever need to touch minecraft.jar ever. Installing will be user friendly, as I’m planning to release it as a executable which will automatically inject the files. That means minecraft.jar will need to be untouched.
  • Strictly for loading mods – Unlike my previous project, it’s not just Minecrafter put inside Minecraft. It will only provide mod loading abilities. If you want more control over minecraft.jar and image manipulation, you’re better off sticking with Minecrafter (nothing wrong with that). This project is focusing on ease of use, and reducing problems loading mods that plague many new users. Advanced features may be planned for future releases
  • HD Fix support – No need to use MCPatcher, as it’ll be bundled with this mod. I’ll try to modularize the design so new releases of MCPatcher won’t require a new version of Minecrafter In-game.
  • Crash Detection – More like black screen detection. It will try to detect if a black screen occurs, and once you’ve killed Minecraft (and loaded it up again), it will revert back to normal. I’m looking into auto detection and prevention, but I don’t like hooking too much code into the Minecraft core, it makes updating difficult when new releases come.
  • Mod support for first release – This means no mod packages. I want to get core functionality going, then add support for packages. You will still be able to select a set of mods to load (not just one).
  • Meta-data for Modders – I will define a file format to create metadata for mods which modders can include in their archives to show friendly info on the mods screen. Things like name, author, url, description, etc.
  • Conflict detection – Rudimentary conflict detection when selecting mods that will override each other. Nothing fancy.

Here are the kickers. I may or may not be able to achieve this. I’ve spent yesterday thinking it through, and I think I can do it, but there could be unexpected hurdles which prevent this from coming to fruition and I may give it up. If it doesn’t achieve the level of simplicity I’m hoping for, I may also throw in the towel. Also, I’ve pre-ordered COD Black Ops, so this week will be an unproductive one.

There you have it. If you have any questions, feel free to ask here, or at my thread in the Minecraft forums.

2 Responses to Minecrafter In-game

  1. Patch says:

    Sounds like a big, good project. If it ever comes to looking too big, and you think about throwing in the towel, you should present it to Notch. He wanted Mod support anyways.

    • prelithe says:

      It’s actually not as big as you think. A lot of the work is me thinking of clever ways to mask injecting files into the JAR and crash detection, most of which has already been implemented in Minecrafter.

      Oh, and Notch will implement a completely different system. The UI may be similar, but thats where the similarities end. If I was to give him the code, most of it would be useless.

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