1.1.3 out with Halloween HD patcher support

I hate having a dev version sitting on my hard-drive without the people of Minecraft enjoying it. So I’ve rounded up the needed fixes and added in a somewhat working HD patcher into the mix. Note, this doesn’t fix what the HD breaks (e.g. watch, portals), but you can at least run it with Java 1.5. None of my headlining features are included (self-extracting mod packages, permanent install), but I’ve got full HD option support so that should soften the blow.

Here is the changelog:

  • Properly threaded Launch Minecraft form – Now you can cancel Minecrafter if the launch process failed
  • File Aliases – rename individual files inside mods
  • Using v1.1.7 of Xau’s HD Texture Fix Patcher-Integrated all HD texture patcher options (can be individually chosen via the options tab)
  • Minecraft launches via java.exe for Windows systems using graphics app profiles
  • Block Selector button now opens up drop down menu of images that can be opened in the block selector form
  • Can select multiple mods when adding mods in Mod Package Editor
  • Can specify additional flags for launching Minecraft
  • Open Minecrafter folder from options tab
  • Other HD Patcher options will be applied to 16×16 pixel mod packages
  • Copy and paste block selections
  • Fixed issue with Mac versions not quitting properly
  • Fixed issue with saving mod packages dialog box not defaulting to Minecrafter packages folder
  • Fixed external program launching issues – You can now use the external program field to call any kind of commands, such as loading JARs
  • Various UI tweaks

Big note: Better grass is an option, but it doesn’t work with the Halloween update. I’m hoping that it will be fixed soon, and you can inject the updated class into Minecrafter and use it without me needing to release a new version.

Download links:


32-bit: Multiupload
64-bit: Multiupload

Mac (Updated to use up to 256MB memory)

32-bit: Multiupload
64-bit: Multiupload


32-bit: Multiupload
64-bit: Multiupload

I’ve updated the Windows tutorial but I’m leaving the Mac one to be updated later. It doesn’t really make a difference which version you use, as they should work the same.

In a few days I’ll be posting my plans for the next version.


2 Responses to 1.1.3 out with Halloween HD patcher support

  1. bourbonkid says:

    doesn’t work on mac os x 10.5.8. I’m starting the app and nothing happens.

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