How to use HD textures in the meantime

Although my built in texture fix is already obsolete, you can still use Minecrafter. To still be able to use Minecrafter with the benefit of HD textures, follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure you have the original minecraft.jar (redownload if you have to)
  2. Get Xau’s latest HD fix from here (as of this post, 1.1.7)
  3. Follow his steps to patch Minecraft without any texture packs
  4. Choose the texture size
  5. Run Minecrafter
  6. Go to options and uncheck “enable HD fix”
  7. Run your mod package
  8. Play

The downside is that you have to fix the texture size to only one resolution. So if you picked 32×32, then you’re stuck with it. The benefit of integrating the HD fix with Minecrafter is dynamically determining texture size.  If Xau doesn’t release anything at the end of the week, then I’ll use whatever he has and release the next version of Minecrafter. And yes, it should have some new features by then (hopefully).


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