Additional HD patcher features are now possible!

Sometimes you need external factors to motivate you. Well, after seeing Frenden’s texture mod with custom water + MrMessiah’s ambient occlusion mod, that’s the kind of eye-candy you just have to have:

*thanks to bonemouse from the Minecraft forums for the screenshot.

Apparently it was my fault for some of the options not working (typical). So, the next version will have options for animated water/lava as well as custom. I would include better grass, but the biomes code wrecked it (the sides are gray).

The next version is going nicely, but I’m still holding out for fixes. If they don’t come out on the weekend, then I’ll just release 1.1.3 with patcher 1.1.7. This will not include self-extracting archives as I’ll need to spend time updating all the tutorial pages and adding more troubleshooting stuff. Believe me, it takes ages to update these pages.

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