Slow news day

Haven’t posted for a while, so thought I better give a progress update.

With the Halloween update released, no doubt a lot of mods and texture are being updated, and so will Minecrafter. I’ve briefly tried out some texture packs and mods. 16×16 texture packs still work (although obviously with the missing textures of the new blocks) and some mods surprisingly still work (Autocart in particular -note: doesn’t actually work, I had pre-compiled mods on :-/). The HD texture fix is broken as I expected, so don’t try launching any of HD texture packs, or else Minecraft will freeze halfway during load up of your map.

What does that mean for Minecrafter? Well, obviously I won’t release until Xau gets his texture fix updated for the new update. I’m hoping that will fix the custom water/lava issue I was having. Feature wise for Minecrafter, it depends on how long it takes for Xau to get his release out. Guaranteed features/fixes are:

  • Fixed issue with Minecrafter sometimes not loading up packages folder when saving mod packages
  • Multi threaded launcher – that means Minecrafter won’t look like it’s non-reponsive. You’ll be able to cancel the launch process as well if Minecrafter is stuck.
  • Re-doing all the forms using a proper layout manager. Previously all the forms were doing via an absolute layout which created some UI positioning issues when running on Mac. Hopefully this will make the positioning of controls accurate no matter what the OS is.
  • File aliases – another word for renaming files. Helpful for mods that don’t use a proper folder structure. For example, if a mod has items.png file, you can rename it (create an alias) to “gui/items.png” and that will properly place it in the gui folder.

And a whole bunch of smaller usability fixes. Most of what’s listed above has already been implemented or close to being finished. So over the next week there will should be lots more features. I’ll try to add a FAQ page for the new users who are having problems with Minecrafter.

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