v1.1.1 out

Another day, another release. This release contains some interesting additions and fixes:

  • RAR support – open RARs in mod package editor or launch through mod quick launch.
  • Folder support – Add folders into the mod package, and they will be treated like archives.
  • Add normal files **experimental** – Add images or class files in mod packages. Currently there is no support for prefixing folders, so you’re out of luck on that note.
  • Mod Quick Launch using folders – great for texture modders who want to quickly see and make changes to their textures.
  • Command line support for launching mod packages or quick launching – as you’d expect, works for both archives and folders, except without a GUI.
  • External program launch support – specify an application in the options tab and it will be loaded on launch.
  • Any errors/exceptions that occur will be written to error.log in the Minecrafter folder.
  • Fixed Mac bug where launching would disable sound and would freeze if you changed the volume.
  • Config file is now saved in the Minecrafter folder
  • Fixed missing cleanup routine on JAR compilation
  • Fixed missing cleanup on closing mod package editor
  • Fixed scroll bars not showing up in base folder form
  • Fixed bug where compiled mod is not deleted after use
  • Usability improvements on mod buttons in mod package editor
  • Compilation will now always return boolean instead of throwing exception if it cannot open a file
  • Invalid archives/files will show an error message rather than a silent exception

Quite a bunch of additions/fixes for a 0.0.1 release. I’ve updated the documentation as well so read up on the new additions.


32-bit: Multiupload

64-bit: Multiupload

Mac OS X

32-bit: Multiupload

64-bit: Multiupload


32-bit: Multiupload

64-bit: Multiupload


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