v1.1.1 on the way

The next version is coming along nicely, with the following features/bugs that will be present:

  • RAR support –  Still need to test it on Mac and Linux, but I’m confident it will work.
  • Folder support – Add folders into the mod package, and they will be treated like archives.
  • Mod Quick Launch using folders – great for texture modders who want to quickly see and make changes to their textures.
  • Command line support for launching mod packages or quick launching – as you’d expect, works for both archives and folders, except without a GUI.
  • Fixed Mac bug where launching would disable sound and would freeze if you changed the volume. But for some reason, it always disables the sound, but at least it doesn’t freeze. This has nothing to do with the actual JAR compilation, just weird Mac quirks on launching Minecraft.
  • Config file is now saved in the Minecrafter folder
  • Fixed missing cleanup routine on JAR compilation

Here are a few more features/bug fixes planned:

  • Better grass option
  • Custom water/lava option
  • External program launching

There may be a few more, but that depends on how much time I have. Expect to see 1.1.1 released around mid-week, next week.


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