Suprisingly stable

Just had a quick test through on XP and Ubuntu, and it held itself up surprisingly well. The UI needed no additional adjustments, and launching worked flawlessly with Minecraft listening. Running it on Mac however, didn’t work as well. Although I believe it functions correctly, the UI is out of sorts, so it needs additional adjustment to not look ugly. Nevertheless, the code held up well switching between OS’es and there really isn’t much else to do other than some small additions/fixes.

One small change is the requirement of the Minecraft executable. Discovering that I cannot actually use a open file dialog on Mac to find, I decided that you should plonk the minecraft.jar/minecraft.exe launcher in the same folder as Minecrafter and it’ll read from there. So no more choosing the location of Minecraft.

There was a few features I was going to implement before the big release, but decided I better get it out there rather than build up for a feature packed release. So, other than Mac and Linux support + support for HD textures, there won’t be any new features coming out this week. Once it’s out, I can take a break, get people’s reactions and build up a weekly feature/fix todo list with the features I and you want added.

Notable features are:

  • Providing shortcuts so you can automatically launch a mod package or mod without any interaction with Minecrafter (need to figure out how this will work on Mac/Linux)
  • Quick mod launch – pick a folder. Will be very useful for texture modders who want a quick and easy way to preview their textures
  • Windows 7 Jumplist support
  • External program load-up on Minecraft launch
  • Add other files into the mod packages – e.g. add individual images like char.png
  • RAR support
  • Permanent mod install – still debating how to safely do this. This may be replaced by the more cleaner/safer shortcut feature.

Do not hesitate to ask for any features you want added in Minecrafter.


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