Easy just got easier

Just when you thought Minecrafter (excluding its numerous bugs) couldn’t get any simpler, I’ve integrated Xau’s HD Texture fix into the launcher! Thats right – you can now create mod packages with mods that use textures larger than 32×32 blocks and Minecrafter will automatically apply the texture fix for you! This, plus the added benefit to forgo HD textures and use 16×16 blocks if you want to keep things as they were.

Thanks the Xau for releasing his program open source. Not sure whether or not it had something to do with me pestering him about a collaboration, but lets say so for this blog post’s sake :P. Now for the bad news. Xau’s program is not built specifically as a library, so if he releases a new version, I’ll need to update my interface for it before it can work with Minecrafter. As well as that, it will be linked into my program, so even if the HD fix was libified, you wouldn’t be able to link it externally, so you’ll need to wait for the next version of my program to get the updated fixes. Not so bad once you know I release quite often. The next thing is that it seems the source code isn’t up to date with his releases, as some features don’t work with the source code I grabbed. So I can control block size, enable animated water, lava and fire, but not custom water and lava. I haven’t tried Better Grass, as I was just focusing on the core functionalities first. Honestly, I actually don’t even know what Better Grass looks like, never mind adding it in.

But all in all – nice progress today. Merged Xau’s HD fix, meaning you can add in high res texture packs, pick blocks from these high res texture packs, and launch Minecraft and have the benefit of high res without the texture glitches. All without fussing around with JARs. Tomorrow I’ll be testing out the program on Mac and Linux to iron out any OS bugs. Come to think of it, I’ve forgotten to test on XP…

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