Good progress, bizarre ending

Great progress today.

I’ve basically finished the most critical (i.e. hardest) functions of the program: mod package loading/saving, block compilation and JAR compilation. It actually works out much better than the C# version. It runs faster, and some processes are more efficient. For example, the block selection and building of the final image preview is now super fast. Building the JAR is now all in memory, but the limitation of the built in zip library requires me to extract the mod package before I can use it. I would use TrueZip (seemingly the only 3rd party library I could find) but I ran into major problems when it came to building the zip. But thats only a minor issue which you, the user would not notice at all.

Nearing my coding session, Eclipse decided to become a weirdo and not allow me to debug a piece of code anymore. Yes, thats right. I cannot debug anything on a specific form. It just won’t register the breakpoint. I can debug another form, but obviously thats not what I want to debug. Nothing I can do now but to hope tomorrow it acts like a normal program again (else I’ll need to do the rest of my development on Mac).

Speaking of Mac, I’m testing the software on Mac OS X 10.6.2. And thats the only version I will be testing on. The reason being I have next to nothing Mac knowledge, so I wouldn’t know how to obtain older versions to test. What I do know is that I’m developing all this on JDK 5, so with that assumption, Minecrafter would technically run on 10.4 and higher. But that would all depend on SWT, and that I’m not sure which version of Java it was built on. I’m hoping that it works on version 5, else you’ll need to update.

On the Linux front, I’ve haven’t actually tested it yet. I’m in the process of downloading the latest versions of Ubuntu and Fedora, and be testing on those distros. I’m guessing that if Windows & Mac work well, Linux should run fine as well.

Next I’ll be trying to get the launching going. I’ve already got the JAR compilation done, now I’ll need to do the backing up and launch Minecraft. If I can listen to Minecraft and detect when it closes, all the better. If not, I’ll stick with the “I’m finished playing” button. As you’ll guess, nothing too complicated here 🙂

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