Exclusively using SWT == Not Smart

Well, I’ve learnt from my various mistakes – one in particular is relying too much on SWT to do everything UI/graphics wise. I came to learn painfully that SWT is piss poor at manipulating transparent images. And what a painful surprise to find AWT providing classes that do so in next to no lines of code. Could have been worse, I could have been stuck figuring out SWT for days.

With that said, pretty much the hardest part of the Block Selector is completed (compiling the final image). Now thats left (beside adding the remaining business logic on that form) is mod launching. Now that doesn’t use SWT so I’m pretty sure I’m going to blaze through that. Once that’s done, a whole lot of polish will be required to match it up to the slickness of the C# version (pretty much a mess ATM). Going way ahead of schedule and thats always nice to be in.

Another thing – Xau releasing his HD texture fix program as open source. This is great, because I can now integrate it into my program and potentially being able to support upto 256×256 blocks and fix other things without the user needing to do a thing :D. This will definitely be included in the next release, after the port.


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