Minecrafter 1.0.2 Released!

Another day, another release.. but this one has quite a few bugs squashed. See for yourself. Documentation has been updated with 1.0.2 features.


  • Gave up on detecting when Minecraft crashes. Even having the same OS and Java version, it still operates differently, so now you have a button that appears on the launch screen that says “I’m finished playing“. Click that to finish the launch process (no more command prompts btw)
  • Removed Force XP Mode launching – reason is above ^^^.
  • Minecrafter will only resize images (for block selection) if one is larger than another. So if you use all 16×16 textures, then you don’t have to worry about texture quirks and compass bugs.
  • Added option “force image resize” (relates to above) – only there if the game gives you a black screen or freezes (no guarantee that’ll fix it though)
  • Added new option “Always Delete META-INF”. Not so useful when making a mod package, but useful if you are using Mod quick launch. So if you launch Autocart using the quick launch button, having this option checked will not freeze/black screen your game.
  • Fixed bug where using pre-compiled mods would cause a IOException that minecraft.jar is in use.
  • Closing the mod package editor will not lose your mod package selection on the main form.
  • Implemented simple crash detection – This means if my program crashes during the launch, then it will try to fix it-self next time you load my program up. In some circumstances it can’t, but if it ever comes to this, my program is not the only thing going wrong…
  • Can enable/disable crash detection – Crash detection might work for you, or it might bug you when you’ve never had a crash. An option in the options tab will allow you to turn it off it it’s bugging out.
  • Better resource management in Block Selector form – was using a frowned upon approach (GC.Collect). Now reworked it somewhat and it now frees memory properly. Still has a laggy feel when clicking, something I don’t think I can fix (seems to be a WinForms issue).
  • Detect changes in block selection, so the program will ask you are you sure you want to quit if you’ve changed any blocks.
  • Fixed transparency issue when selecting blocks with transparency – Now you can choose glass blocks or any blocks with transparency without it overlaying the base image
  • Temporary fix for saving mod package memory issue – Seems to be a problem with my zip library. It can’t release the resources when it saves the zip. I’m going to try a new zip library.
  • Saving will delete any pre-compiled mods you have (i.e. no need to clear temp yourself).

Oh, and the download links:








**Note, although I’m using these file hosts, I’m not actually getting points for your downloads. So if anyone can suggest a host which allows direct downloading, feel free to ping me about it.

If everything goes well in this version, then I’ll start moving onto porting Minecrafter onto Mac OS X and Linux. So the next version will most likely be that, with any bug fixes in between. No new features until porting is over (unless so compelling I must have it :P).

As always, enjoy, post critisms, suggestions, bugs on this post, or at the Minecraft forums


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