Minecrafter 1.0.1 Released (yes, that quick)!

A day after the first release, comes a new version. This version fixes a few problems that plague the last version’s usefulness as well as introduce what I think is the killer feature that should have been introduced at the start 😛

  • Launching Minecraft will always default to XP Mode, which basically uses a batch file to launch Minecraft, and pauses, waiting for you to close it after you finish playing Minecraft. As an option, you can uncheck this (only works if you are not using XP) and use the cleaner way, but only if it actually works! I’ve still haven’t figured out why it’s not working without a batch file, but I’m rambling…
  • The Block Selector Form will now not eat up all your RAM
  • Fixed bug where pressing save twice in the Mod Package Form will crash the program
  • Quick Mod Launching – the killer feature. Launch individual mods from the program without needing to create a mod package. Just like mod packages, launching them will not destroy your current minecraft.jar. Click here for a tutorial.

Thats it for a days worth of programming. Hopefully Minecrafter is more stable in this version and will encourage you to try out a lot more mods!

Download links:




I would have uploaded to mediafire but I can barely get it to upload (uploading the first version was a miracle in itself). Luckily the program is small enough so that these file hosters shouldn’t be too much of a hassle.

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